Length and breadth of Maloskalsko

Malá Skála is located in the deep valley of Jizera River under the slopes of Suché Rocks, Vranovský Ridge and Sokol. It is a significant and popular recreation centre and the start of routes in the Bohemian Paradise. For its variability it is called a pearl of the Bohemian Paradise.

Malá Skála is suitable for cyclists, hiking enthusiasts, water sportsmen, families with children, and especial mountain climbers focusing on the tops of Suché Rocks. If you enjoy adrenalin, visit the rope climbing centre or use the offers of boat or scooter hires. Navigation down Jizera River or scooter down the hills will leave you with a great experience. Scooter is also suitable on the new route Greenway Jizera, which connects Malá Skála with nearby village of Líšný.

You can also walk in the hills on Jizera right river bank. Walk across the bridge and up to the view on Pantheon. Cross Vranovský Ridge and walk with the red sign to the ruins of castle Frýdštejn, which was used for filming many fairytales. From  Frýdštejn you can walk with the red sign and pass the Drábovny Rocks to the crossroad, then walk with the blue sign back to Malá Skála to Boučkův statek Farmstead. You can have lunch in the stylish pub, and visit Josef Jíra gallery in the first floor.

And if you still have any power remaining, use the blue sign from Boučkův statek Farmstead to walk up to the dominant point of Malá Skála – Suché Rocks. Walk under the rocks to Besedice and then to the rock maze Kalich and Chléviště and then back to Malá Skála.


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