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Brewery Museum in Olivětín

BroumovZobrazit detailThis permanent exhibition is situated in the Opat brewery in Olivětín and it is an addition to its varied activities. It is focused on the history of the brewery. When you visit it, you can see for example the office of the chief brewer, the most important person of the whole brewery.
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Broumov – Broumov Region Museum

BroumovZobrazit detailThe Broumov Region Museum depicts the cultural history of the monastery, town, and villages of the former Benedictine monastery domain. In addition to the permanent exposition there are short-term exhibitions with local themes and exhibitions of fine arts.
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City lapidarium

DobruškaZobrazit detail
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Doudleby - Vamberk – Rokytnice Railway Museum

Rokytnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailThe museum is situated in a building from 1906 and there is an exhibition about Doudleby – Vamberk – Rokytnice railway as well as history of the railway in the Orlické Mountains region.
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Galerie Zázvorka, Nové Město nad Metují

Nové Město nad MetujíZobrazit detailExposition is dedicated to regional artists, including a Townsman nativity scene carved by sculptor Jarmila Haldová. Lapidary. There is also an interesting view of the surroundings from the Zázvorka gun tower.
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Gallery of Fine Art Náchod

NáchodZobrazit detailThe Náchod Art Gallery was founded in 1966 and continued the work of the city art gallery opened to the public in 1934. Its exhibition spaces are among the best in the country.
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Jan Sverma Mine

LamperticeZobrazit detailBlack coal used to be exploited around Zacler as early as in 1570. However, the greatest boom came in the 18th and 19th century. The Julie (53 m) and Marie (186 m) shafts were excavated in 1853–1872, both equipped with a steam-powered hoisting machine and Marie also with a pump to remove water.
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Javornice v Orlických horách – Památník Marie a Vojtěcha Sedláčkových

JavorniceZobrazit detailAteliér a byt obou umělců v Javornici v Orlických horách.
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MERKUR Toy Construction Sets Museum

Police nad MetujíZobrazit detailThe Merkur Museum is a phenomenon among museums and has been operating in Police nad Metují since 2006.
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Municipal Museum Dobruška

DobruškaZobrazit detailBirthplace of national revivalist, writer, and composer František Vladislav Hek (the main character of Jirásek´s novel F. L. Věk) in Dobruška.
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Municipal Museum of Nové Město nad Metují

Nové Město nad MetujíZobrazit detailThe Municipal Museum is housed in a historic 16th-century house, rebuilt from the artillery bastion with embrasures, which was part of the fortifications.
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Museum Mill Dřevíček, Horní Dřevíč

StárkovZobrazit detailThe only functioning mill re-opened in the Hradec Králové Region.
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Museum of Alois Jirásek - hronov

HronovZobrazit detailAn exhibition dedicated to the personality of Alois Jirásek is located in his birth house from the 18th century.
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Museum of Alois Jirásek, Hronov

HronovZobrazit detailThe museum and theatre in which it is located bear the name of an important native Alois Jirásek (1851 – 1930). The exposition is dedicated to his life and work, and above all authentic models of literary characters.
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Museum of paper models

Police nad MetujíZobrazit detailMuseum paper models was opened in 2012 in Police nad Metují and features more than 1,200 models.
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Museum of Podkrkonoší

TrutnovZobrazit detailThe Museum building is located in the city centre, next to the Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. The Museum exposition is varied; it is worth mentioning the collection of painted targets and saloon rifles, the collection of militaria, clock collections and the unique collection of relief carved beehives.
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Museum of Police nad Metují

Police nad MetujíZobrazit detailThe museum is located on the first floor of a Benedictine monastery in rooms originally intended for the residence of the abbot.
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Museum of the Čapek Brothers, Malé Svatoňovice

Male SvatonoviceZobrazit detailLife and works of the Čapek brothers in Malé Svatoňovice. Documents, examples of short essays and manuscripts, personal correspondence, photo gallery. Gallery of paintings by Josef Čapek. Collection of art photographs.
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Museum of Tourism, Winter Sports and Handcraft

Deštné v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailHomeland exposition in Deštné v Orlických horách captures the period of the turn of the 20th century, part is an outstanding exhibition dedicated to the history of the glass industry in the Orlické Mountains and an exhibition of Protected Landscape Area Orlické Mountains.
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Olešnice Museum

Olešnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailJarmila Lemfeld deserves credit for its creation.
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Orlické hory Museum in Rokytnice in Orlické Mountains

Rokytnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailThe building of a former granary from the middle of the 19th century in the centre of the town of Rokytnice in Orlické Mountains was reconstructed for the purposes of this project between 2012 and 2013 into a modern interactive museum exhibition which shows the countryside of Orlické Mountains, its use by humans and example of work from local craftsmen.
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Regional Museum Náchod

NáchodZobrazit detailThe history of Náchod and the Náchod region captures the period from the earliest Paleolithic to present day. It also includes 7 panoramas, capturing important historical moments. The exhibition is complemented by two large models of Náchod and the largest model of border fortifications.
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Sport Center with the accommodation for free

HronovZobrazit detailSport center with 22 sport attractions offering the accommodation in the boarding House Motobydlo for FREE
Adrenalin sports

The family house of František Vladislav Hek

DobruškaZobrazit detailBirthplace of national revivalist, writer, and composer František Vladislav Hek.
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