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“Butter Churn” Chateau Tower, Nové Město nad Metují

Nové Město nad MetujíZobrazit detailThe chateau tower, named the “Butter Churn” due to its appearance, offers an interesting view over the town and its close surrounding area as well as a panorama of the Giant Mountains and Eagle Mountains from the gallery, which is open to the public.
Lookout towers and viewpoints

Aichelburg Wood Castle

Horni MarsovZobrazit detailThe originally romantic little castle was built above the valley of Temný Důl in memory of Count Berthold of Aichelburg, who died in 1861.

All Saints Church

SedloňovZobrazit detail
Religious monuments

All Saints Church in Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Rokytnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailThe church is the dominant feature of T. G. Masaryk Square in Rokytnice v Orlickách horách.
Religious monuments

Anna observation tower

Říčky v Orlických horáchZobrazit detail
Lookout towers and viewpoints


Orlické ZáhoříZobrazit detail
Places of natural interest

Bernartice Railway Bridge

BernarticeZobrazit detailThe impressive railway viaduct in Bernartice is an important technical monument. The railway viaduct in Bernartice was built between 1867 and 1869 during the construction of the railway line from Trutnov to Královec. The 24-metre high bridge spans the Ličná River valley road, along the Trutnov – Královec railway line number 043. Above the steel girders of the railway bridge there is another bridge, built of stone, with flat segmented arches, which in the construction fulfils a load-bearing purpose.
Engineering monuments

Broumov – Benedictine monastery

BroumovZobrazit detailThe Benedictine Monastery in Broumov with the Church of St. Vojtěch (St. Adalbert) belongs to the national cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.
Religious monuments

Broumov – Church of Virgin Mary

BroumovZobrazit detailThe monastery and the St. Vojtěch church - the national cultural monuments.
Religious monuments

Broumovské stěny (Broumov Walls)

BroumovZobrazit detailThe Broumov Walls ridge offers stunning panoramic views from the rocky lookouts and is freely accessible by a number of tourist trails.
Places of natural interest

Černá hora – Panorama Lookout Tower

Janske LazneZobrazit detailAn original pillar of the old cable car dating back to 1928 has been used as a lookout tower since 1998. The lookout platform 21 m in height standing at a height of 1,289 m above sea level offers an all-round view not only into the countryside, but also over a significant part of the Giant Mountains. Use of binoculars is free of charge.
Lookout towers and viewpoints

Černá Hora Mountain

Janske LazneZobrazit detailMount Černá Hora rises above Janské Lázně. The largest fork ridge in the Krkonoše, 1299 metres above sea level. In 1978, an 80-metre-tall TV and radio transmitter was installed on the top.
Places of natural interest

Dixova Timber Sanding Plant

Horni MarsovZobrazit detailThe premises of the former Dixova timber sanding plant are dominated by the main three-wing building built of finely worked gneiss blocks.
Engineering monuments

Dobruška – Town Hall Tower

DobruškaZobrazit detailThe building of the Renaissance town hall dating back to the 16th century includes a tower 45 m in height. From the lookout platform of the tower, there is a view, not only over the town and its closer surrounding area, but also over the panorama of the Orlické Mountains, and if the visibility is good, also of the Krkonoše Mountains.
Lookout towers and viewpoints

Dobruška Brewery

DobruškaZobrazit detail
Engineering monuments

Dolní Lysečiny – set of two bridges

Horni MarsovZobrazit detailSemicircular bridge arches are assembled from flat stones from local materials.
Engineering monuments

Doudleby - Vamberk – Rokytnice Railway Museum

Rokytnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailThe museum is situated in a building from 1906 and there is an exhibition about Doudleby – Vamberk – Rokytnice railway as well as history of the railway in the Orlické Mountains region.
Museums and galleries

Eliška Lookout Tower

TrutnovZobrazit detailThe Eliška lookout tower was built in 2014 and is located at an altitude of 632 metres within the Stachelberg artillery fort.
Lookout towers and viewpoints

Galerie Zázvorka, Nové Město nad Metují

Nové Město nad MetujíZobrazit detailExposition is dedicated to regional artists, including a Townsman nativity scene carved by sculptor Jarmila Haldová. Lapidary. There is also an interesting view of the surroundings from the Zázvorka gun tower.
Museums and galleries

Hill Ostaš

Žďár nad MetujíZobrazit detailThis plateau mountain (700 m.a.s.l.), which is the dominant feature of Policko Region, is connected with a range of myths and legends, from which the rock formations– Zbrojnoš (Armiger), Zrádce (Traitor), Mohyla smrti (Death Barrow) etc. got their names. There are two rock labyrinths which are accessible all year round– Horní and Dolní and the so-called Kočičí hrádek (Cat Castle).
Places of natural interest

Holy Trinity Church

Rokytnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detailThe Church of the Holy Trinity called the chateau church was originally built as a Protestant chapel by the Mauschwitz family.
Religious monuments

Horní Maršov Chateau

Horni MarsovZobrazit detailThe chateau was built in 1792 on the order of Earl Alphons Aichelburg at the locality where a manor used to be.


Olešnice v Orlických horáchZobrazit detail
Places of natural interest

Hrad Skály (Rock Castle) – Bischofstein

Teplice nad MetujíZobrazit detailThe ruins of Skály Castle, also known as Bischofstein, are located in the southwestern part of the sandstone plateau above the village of Skály in the Hradec Králove region.
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