Videos from the Liberec region

See how you can discover the   ikona souborubeauty of Hřebenovka with children in the spring   or during the  ikona souboruautumn season

We have a video with  ikona souboruactive seniors   ready for you and even ikona souborumyoung people   don't have to sit at home

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Videos from the Hradec Králové region

Take a walk with us in the Hradec Králové region:

Spot about an architecture: ikona souboruspot_arch_v07.mp4

Spot about a nature:ikona souboruspot_nature_v07.mp4

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Videos from the Pardubice region

Get to know the ridge trail in the Pardubice region in our  ikona souborusummer video  andikona souboru winter video.

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Videos from the Olomouc region

Take a walk with us with ridge trail in the Olomouc region.

ikona souboru- spot (30´) 

ikona souboru- spot (60´) 

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Video from the Euroregion Glacensis

Meet Ridge trail in the Euroregion Glacensis

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