Liberec region

Kaplička na Javorníku, author: Petr Zbranek
Hřebenovka in the Liberec Region has two lines - NORTH, which leads through the central part of the Jizera Mountains and SOUTH, the original line of Blue Ridge Trail  leading along the Černá Studnice ridge. 
The northern and southern branches of the route begin equally at the Czech-Polish pedestrian crossing on the bridge over the Jizera in Orle in the Jizera Mountains and end at the border with the Ústí nad Labem region.

Northern route 

The northern route continues through the top parts of the Jizera Mountains, through Smědava, Sněžné věžičky, Sněžné kupy and Poledník. The route continues around Oldřichov v Hájích to Albrechtice u Frýdlantu, Václavic and Hrádek nad Nisou. In Hartau, it crosses the state border and on German territory continues along Lake Olbersdorfer See and the flow of the river Mandau to Oybin, to the top of the Hochwald (Hvozd), through which the Czech-German state border passes, and further to Jonsdorf. The route returns to the Czech side at the Dolní Podluží / Waltersdorf border crossing, and ends in Nová Huť on the border with the Ústí nad Labem region. 

Southern route 

The southern route leads from Jizerka through Desná, Tanvald, Černá Studnice ridge to Milíře and continues through the Ještěd ridge to Ještěd. The walking route leads the visitor further to Petrovice and ends at the Czech-German border near Lückendorf .

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