Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, author: Petr Zbranek

In addition to the main route and the common sections that lead along the state border, ridgetrail consists of two main routes on the Polish side in the top parts of the mountain ridges.

There are two sections on the Polish side of the main Hřebenovka route. The first around Chełmsko Śląskie, where you can visit the tourist attractions of the 12 apostles, the second leads through the spa town of Kudowa-Zdrój, where in addition to spa relaxation you can visit the open-air museum in Pstrążna, the Path of Dying Professions in Czermna and the Toy Museum in Kudowa.

The second Polish route of Hřebenovka provides access to the attractions of Valbřišské, Kamenné, Soví, Bardzký, Rychlebské mountains (Polish Góry Złote) and Bělské vrchy. On this route you will find, among others, Książ Castle, Grodno Castle, the lookout tower in Velká Sova, Srebrna Góra Fortress, the Bard Cathedral, the attractions of the spa town of Lądek-Zdrój and the “virgin” Bělské Hills. 

he third route of Hřebenovka starts at the top of Vrchmezí, where a lookout tower is being built as part of the project, and continues through the Zieleniec ski resort, Topieliska pod Zieleńcem reserve, Jagodna mountains, Czerniec - where new lookout towers were built and to the border around the watershed of the three seas below Klepý. From Velká Sova in the Owl Mountains, a tourist link will be marked between the main routes of ridgetrail connecting the lookout towers on Mount Włodzicka, Mount St. Anne, Mount All Saints, in Suszyna and also the view of Guzowata above the dam in Radkow. On the way along the line you will visit the basilica in Vambeřice and also the main attractions of the Table Mountains National Park - the rock formations of the Great Hejšovina and the Wandering Rocks. Another short tourist link connects the Orlické and Bystřice mountains and opens up the Neratov pilgrimage site and across the new footbridge on Divoká Orlice and along the new hiking trail leads to new lookout towers on Jagodna and Czerniec mountains on the Polish side.

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